Argan Oil Frizz-Free Cream Perfector / Pink Addiction

$ 27.00

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12 Benefits™ Pink Addiction multi-usage oil-in-cream anti-frizz serum.

Dual purpose blow dry and air dry preparation. Provides protection and control to support hair straighteners or hair straightening.

Our featherweight emulsion protects cuticles from damage, shields against humidity, adds control and shine resulting in lustrous hair when heat styling. Makes hairstyling easier. Residue free cream. 

Imported keratin from New Zealand and African argan oil purified in Italy. Salt and sulfate free. Ideally suited for numerous hair types and curly textures, even undisciplined hair. Maintain professional smoothing services. Use on the ends to finish. 

Specially made: Pink Addiction is blended in stages at precise temperatures, a process that protects our ingredients. The total mixture is then sealed for freshness in our airless barrel container. 

Instructions for use: Apply 1-3 pumps to palms (1 pump short to mid-length hair, 2-3 pumps long hair). Spread through damp hair lengths starting at the ends and working up to 1 inch from scalp. Use on dry ends to tame fly aways.

12 Benefits™ of pink addiction:

    Replenishes lost Keratin + Rejuvenates damaged hair + Polishes + Strengthens compromised hair + Argan oil smooths, nourishes + Intensifies shine + Velvety-soft feel + Eliminates unruliness + Reverses hair deficiencies + Use on damp or dry hair + Restores overall hair health + Hair longevity ingredients keep hair youthful

    Star Ingredients: New Zealand Keratin (strength), Argan oil (shields hair surface), Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (soft touch feel).

    Frizz explained: Excess moisture causes cuticles to swell and lift causing frizz. You can use Pink Addiction to seal raised cuticles, control frizz, and impart a silky, glossy feel.

    Made for Discerning Women. Recommended by Professional Hairstylists.