Award Winning Hair Wellness = 4 products bundled

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Learn more about Award Winning Hair Wellness = 4 products bundled

      This is our comprehensive hair wellness system ~ 3 steps, 4 product hair care routine proven to renew, re-surface, protect, even create gorgeous locks. 12 Benefits hair preparations are specially formulated with minimal, highly effective natural and safe man-made ingredients, all designed to correct overworked, damaged, visibly compromised hair.

      Step 1:  includes our new generation color-safe foaming hair cleanser, Love At First Lather™. Whenever you cleanse, incorporate our sulfate-free sugar based foam to nurture your hair with its signature blend of plant sugar, coconut oils, sunflower extract and only 9 good-for-you ingredients.

      Step 2:  includes Conditional Love 30-second hair masque following your cleanse. Also with 9 essential ingredients crafted to seal in moisture, mend cuticle layers, and restore hair texture in less than one minute. Precisely blended with nourishing avocado oil, imported argan, and anti-oxidant rich noni-berry fruit.

      Step 2a:  includes a weekly or twice-weekly blending of our superfood hair serum (a one-of-a-kind hair care booster) with your choice of Conditional Love or Love at First Lather. Super Supplement enhances the performance of these and all rinse-out products. 8 hand-selected ingredients including our special superfood vegetable, naturally sourced herbs, flowers, and an essential mineral combine to provide critical nutrients for hair repair, hair protection, hair shine, hair length, hair strength, and hair improvement.

      Step 3:  includes our award winning Instant Healthy Hair Treatment. This product star shields hair from the sun, softens, treats, reverses hair damage, and fortifies on a continual basis. Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is made with Japanese fatty acids that work hard to optimize blowouts or when used on dry hair to nourish between blow dries.

      12 reasons you should use 12 Benefits™ Award Winning Hair Care System: 

      Bursts of plant sugar foam gently cleanse +
      Mend hair +                                                                                       De-frizz +                                                      Noticeable improvement within 3 treatments +
      Resurface and re-texture +
      Restore hair's protective layer +
      Ultimate scalp care +
      Reverse hair stress +
      Anti-oxidant sunscreen protects +                                                                           Bio-polymers bind moisture +                                                                                 Hair longevity ingredients keep hair youthful

      Use each formulation as instructed on the packaging.

      Made for women. Recommended by professional hairstylists.