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12 Benefits™ Ocean Hair for just off-the-beach ease. When you want a more daring, tousled style, our essential mineral mist provides both a natural oceanswept look and volume in one formula. Always with 12 hair results. 

Ocean Hair is ideal for air-dried texture and may be used on damp or dry hair. With only 7 specially selected ingredients. Vegetable and coconut oil formula moisturizes and nourishes. This multi-use product protects your scalp, holds waves, activates curl, and saves color.

Delicately scented with black tea and honey to enhance that vacation vibe.

12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™ Ocean Hair:

Essential mineral formula + Texture and volume in one + Vegetable and coconut oil moisturizers + Holds wavy hair + Activates curl + Protects colored hair + Ideal air-dry mist + Use damp or dry + Great for slippery hair + Lightweight conditioning + Protects scalp + Anti-static

Star Ingredients:  Mineral Salt (texture), Coconut oil (moisture), Hydrolyzed Rice (moisture), Black Tea (fragrance), Honey (protection)

Instructions For Use:

Lift damp or dry hair in sections. Spray evenly to help hold wave. Air-dry or diffuse dry. Pull roots upward to create volume. Tousle hair to achieve a natural textured style.

Made for women. Recommended by professional hairstylists.