Dry Clean (New!) Powder Shampoo = 7 ingredients

$ 23.99

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      We incorporate African argan oil (refined for purity in Italy) in our special oil absorbing powder cleanser.

      12 Benefits™ Dry Clean™ is a terrific 7-ingredient, no shower formula that instantly refreshes and deodorizes hair. Dry Clean™ effectively treats scalp and roots allowing you to skip a hair washing day. Or three!

      Dry Clean™ delivers a residue free dry-touch feel with an uplifting fresh scent and is purposefully formulated from natural sources and safe man-made ingredients designed to extend blowouts, protect color, and invigorate strands.

      Best of all, Dry Clean™ provides body and bounce in one product.

      12 reasons to use 12 Benefits™ Dry Clean™ Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo:

      Instantly refresh +
      Absorb scalp oil +
      Skip a day +
      Extend blowouts +
      Protect color +
      Revitalize +
      Dry touch feel +
      No shower formula +
      Residue free +                                                       Fresh scent +                                                         Adds body and bounce +                             Eliminates odor

      Star Ingredients:  Argan oil (nourishing). Starch (absorber).

      Instructions for use: Spray in short bursts throughout dry hair to absorb excess sebum and create body and bounce.

      Made for women. Recommended by professional hairstylists.