Dry Clean = 6 ingredients

$ 23.99

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      We incorporate luxurious African argan oil (refined for purity in Italy) in our  absorbing powder cleanser.

      12 Benefits™ Dry Clean dry shampoo is a terrific six-ingredient, no shower formula that instantly deodorizes and touches up hair. Dry Clean effectively treats scalp and roots allowing you to skip a wash day.

      Dry Clean delivers a residue-free dry-touch feel with an uplifting fresh scent and is purposefully formulated from natural sources and safe hair ingredients designed to extend blowouts, protect color, and invigorate strands.

      Best of all, Dry Clean provides body and bounce in one product.

      12 reasons to use 12 Benefits™ Dry Clean Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

      Instantly refresh + Absorb scalp oil + Skip a day + Extend blowouts + Protect color + Revitalize + Dry touch feel + No shower formula + Residue free + Fresh scent + Eliminates odor + Adds body and bounce

      Star Ingredients:  Argan oil (nourishing). Starch (absorber).

      Instructions for use: Spray in short bursts throughout dry hair to absorb excess sebum and create body and bounce.

      Made for women. Recommended by professional hairstylists.