Love at First Lather Sugar Shampoo = 9 ingredients

$ 23.99

Learn more about Love at First Lather Sugar Shampoo = 9 ingredients

Real sugar!

This is the special plant-based ingredient used in our innovative foam shampoo, 12 Benefits™ Love At First Lather.

Our foaming sugar wash nurtures your hair with a signature blend of sugar, coconut oils and sunflowers. This formulation contains only seven ingredients. No harsh detergents allowed!

Unlike creme shampoos, Love at First Lather does not require the typical "scrubbing" action necessary to produce lather.*  A controlled scalp massage with your fingertips activates our ultra-rich foam and immediately suspends perspiration and scalp oils within the bubbles leaving hair clean, moisturized, and in ideal condition.

So why is Love at First Lather better for your hair?  Because without excessive friction, cuticles are left undisturbed, the scalp does not become dry, and color radiance is preserved while reducing frizz.

These attributes make Love at First Lather the choice for colored hair or highlights, chemically straightened hair, curly hair, or hair that suffers cuticle damage due to frequent use of heat (blowouts, hot ironing).

Free of sulfates, parabens, silicone. Sunflower extract (a natural sunscreen) prolongs and gives radiance.

Our modern generation shampoo foam is also 35% – 50% more concentrated which allows the product to last longer.

12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™  Love At First Lather moisture balancing mousse shampoo:

Bursts of foam to gently cleanse + Rich lather + Ideal moisture benefits + All natural formulation + Plant derived sugar cleanser + Sunflower extract to prolong color radiance + Sulfate free + Silicone free + Paraben free + Cuticles are protected from damage + Resists color fade + Hair longevity ingredients keep hair youthful

Made for women. Used and recommended by the finest hairdressing salons

*Lather is necessary to suspend, rinse, and wash away perspiration and scalp oils.

Good to Know:

If your hair texture is fine and you usually need more oomph for your hair, rinse Love At First Lather just a little longer than usual with warm water to achieve major volume in your fine hair.

Star ingredients:  Plant sugar (natural cleanser), Coconut oil (moisture), Sunflower extract (color radiance)