Rapid Blowout Fast Dry Oil = 3 ingredients

$ 29.99

12 Benefits™ offers you this indulgent multi-use (blow dry, hot irons, shine spray) multi-benefit fast dry oil mist. A few sprays before you blow out or air dry and poof! ~soft, wonderful hair.

Through discovery you'll find that rapid blowout is the ideal layering product following 12 Benefits instant healthy hair treatment.

Our weightless fine mist oil spray handles these hair tasks:

1. Accelerates blow dry time on damp hair by 40%. The ultimate blowout prep delivers the exquisite, shiny finish you see on runways. Our beautifying argan oil contains only 3 awesome ingredients that work together to ease surface tension and repel water for faster evaporation.

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2. Dry hair thermal protection to seal cuticles at temperatures up to 450^. 

3. Rapid blowout conditions hair and allows hair to be more flexible. This safeguards your hair while you brush or comb, particularly important for color-treated or chemically processed hair, or hair suffering cuticle damage due to frequent use of hot tools.

12 reasons why you should 12 Benefits™ Rapid Blowout:

    Accelerate blow dries 40% + Protect cuticles with imported argan oil + Reduce stress on hair from brushing or combing + Moisturize hair + Prevent blow-dryer dry out + Seal the hair surface when using a flat iron + Give curly or hard to manage hair discipline + Control frizz + Provide exquisite shine + Prevent static + Add softness and a silky finish + Keep hair youthful

      Damp Hair

      1. For styling protection and conditioning during blowouts. Cuts blowout time 40%.

      Dry Hair

      2. Thermal shield and sealer for flat-irons and curling-irons up to 450 degrees. 
      3. Finishing mist for exquisite shine at the end. 

      Made for women. Recommended by professional hairstylists. 

      Star Ingredients:  African argan oil, refined in Italy (moisture, softness)