Super Supplement Haircare Amplifier = 8 ingredients

$ 29.99

Learn more about Super Supplement Haircare Amplifier = 8 ingredients

      This is a superfood based concentrate that you mix with your favorite hair products. We call it super!

      Super Supplement is a one-of-a-kind haircare booster engineered to improve any rinse-out hair product. With 8 specially selected ingredients your results are longer, stronger, glossier, ultra supple hair! 

      Our lab has crafted this specialized enhancer from everyday good-for-you sources: vegetable, herb, flower, and an essential mineral that provide critical nutrients for hair repair, hair protection, hair shine, hair length, hair strength and hair improvement.

      Naturally derived ingredient stars shield hair from the sun, soften, condition, and fortify hair on a weekly basis!

      12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™ Super Supplement: 

      • Superfood enriched concentrate serum +
      • Blends with any hair conditioner or hair masque +
      • Blends with any shampoo to boost performance +
      • Made of fruit, vegetables, flowers, essential minerals +
      • Noticeable hair improvement in 3 treatments +
      • Proven to reduce cuticle cracks 50% +
      • Restores hair's protective layer +
      • Anti-irritants for scalp care +
      • Glossier, lusher hair +
      • Anti-oxidant sunscreen protects +
      • Biopolymers bind moisture +
      • Weekly use, daily defense

      Instructions for use:

      Use 1. Supercharge rinse-out hair conditioners, hair masques, treatments, elixirs. Blend a quarter size amount up to 5 pumps Super Supplement with 12 Benefits Conditional Love hair moisturizer or another hair conditioner type. Comb through. Leave 2-3 minutes. Rinse.

      Use 2. Intense resurfacing / internal beauty aid for compromised, stressed hair. Blend quarter size amount up to 5 pumps Super Supplement by itself to freshly shampooed and towel blotted hair. Comb blend. Secure plastic cap or damp towel on hair. Apply heat for 12 minutes. Rinse. Style.

      Use 3. Strengthen shampoo. Blend quarter size amount up to 5 pumps Super Supplement with 12 Benefits Love at First Lather or your shampoo of choice. Lather. Rinse. Follow with conditioner. 

      Made for females. Recommended by professional hairstylists.

      Star Ingredients: Peas (repair), Coconut oil (moisture), Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (polysaccharide strength), Helianthus annuus seed extract (antioxidant sunscreen)