Violet Blow-in Balm for Blondes = 24 ingredients

$ 5.00

Learn more about Violet Blow-in Balm for Blondes = 24 ingredients

Repeated exposure to minerals in your water makes blond hair brassy.

To avoid the unmistakable yellow, yellow-orange hue in very light blond hair, and to keep your blond color looking vibrant, use 12 Benefits violet blow-in balm.

The first and only multi-tasking heat-sealed haircolor to neutralize yellow tones and unwanted brassiness. Tone, fill, and equalize porosity in one. 

12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™ Violet Blow-in Balm for Blondes:

• Multi-purpose +
• Color illuminator +
• Toner +
• Filler +
• Porosity corrector +
• Neutralizes yellow tones +
• Eliminates unwanted brassiness +
• Non-damaging color pigment +
• Restores color intensity when color fades +
• High gloss shine +
• Hair feels bouncy +
• Helps wet and dry combing 

Instructions for use:
Apply to damp hair where color has faded or become brassy. Mix with styling products or use alone. Blow dry. Seal with a hot tool for a superior finish. Results can last up to 2-3 shampoos. Mono dose application depending on hair length.

Used and recommended by the finest hairdressing salons